About us


DTCE is a trade association formally registered under Belgian law that represents the interests of ICT trust and compliance vendors and practitioners in Europe.

DTCE’s member companies want to ensure that the views and expertise of those who have invested in innovation and high quality delivery of ICT trust and compliance products and services are appropriately presented and taken into account in European policy debates about e-signatures, e-ID, e-procurement, e-invoicing and many other topics.

The products and services provided or used by DTCE members enhance the reliability of billions Internet interactions and other electronic networks every year. We believe that Europe can and must be a leading force in the continuous development of ICT trust and compliance as a necessary condition for the sustainable growth of e-commerce, e-business and e-government.

DTCE established formal channels of communication and consultation with the European Commission and other EU institutions, as well as liaison with major industry groups in associated areas of activity.

If you are a vendor of ICT trust or compliance solutions or a practitioner leading in the setup or use of such solutions and wish to join DTCE in order to help shape relevant future EU policy, please contact us.

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